Shanghai DAVEY Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of air compressors, headquarter locate in Shanghai, China.There are more than 100 production staff and R & D team peoples.Since established in 2005, we always focused on screw compression technology and high pressure breathing air system, all compressor we produced are pass through CE certificated for export. Until today, thousands of compressors have been available work for customers in more than 50 countries around the world and many of these machines are still operating reliably. Reliable quality has always been our goal.

  • Innovation is the biggest driven power of our success, always promote us to offer customers a unique range of air compressors. We have develop a fully integrated machine for our customers in the United States that incorporates screw compressors,air dryers and receiver tank all-in-one to server mechanical shop job.

    We developed small compact screw compressor with diesel and petrol powered for our Australian customers. We developed new generations natural gas screw compressor for Mexican customers in the oil field. We develop low pressure screw compressors for customers in Bangladesh for the textile industry.

    DMC is manufacturer in China &LA and online sell air Compressor & parts B2B

    -Rotary Screw compressor / PM energy saving

    -Scroll air compressor / oil free medical CNC

    -4500psi air compressor/ Scuba Paintball PCP

    -CNG gas compressor / NGV home refueling/oil field

    Warehouse in Chicago Baltimore Dallas Atlanta will be set up soon, looking for area service /reseller to join work together.

  • For any industry that runs on compressed air, there’s a DMC air compressor that will help you work more efficiently and keep overhead costs down. Our products can be found hard at work in mechanics’ garages and auto body shops, manufacturing facilities, theme parks, energy exploration operations, universities, dental offices, and more.

    We’ve designed our compressors to address the specific working conditions in these and other environments, with an emphasis on providing stable air pressure, fewer maintenance requirements, and longer service lives.

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