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DMC Rotary Screw Compressor with Dryer

Item name:  pack15-TA, 20hp rotary screw compressor with dryer, 320/500L Tank 
  • 20 HP motor power,
  • 230v / 60hz, 380-415 v / 50hz, 3 phase
  • 81cfm @115 psig,  2.3m3 @ 8 bar
  • 3/4 HP refrigerated dryer
  • L 1800 mm x W 750 mm x H 1680 mm
  • 540 kg  

Click here to download this specification in PDF format

Main feature
  • 100% duty operation
  • Original Italy build screw air end and control valve, filter
  • CE / UL Listed PLC controls with Simple Configuration
  • Low Noise,  Low Vibration
  • Mounted on a receiver tank, easy to move and maintain
  • CE mark for complete unit
PACK-TA series screw compressor is specially designed to fit the combined space which can save your installation fee and maintain easily. Pack-TA(5-20HP) Series is COMPACT, SILENT and MODULAR, WHY Piston When You Can Have Screw?

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