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Compact Screw Compressor
Screw compressor
Screw compressor+tank
Screw compressor+dryer+tank
Screw compressor w/ built-in dryer
Stationary Screw Compressor
Fix speed screw compressor
Variable speed screw compressor
Portable Screw Compressor
Diesel screw compressor
Gasoline piston compressor
Electric piston compressor
Oil Free Compressor
100% Oil free screw compressor
Oil free piston compressor
High Pressure Compressor
300bar 4500psi air compressor for breathe paintball scuba diving
40bar 600psi PET compressor
Dryer and Filter
Refrigerated dryer +3 dew point
Adsorption dryer -40 dew point
Precision line filter
Compressor Parts & Service
Air filter | oil filter | oil separator | oil lubricate
CNG filling station compressor
CNG compressor for home use
CNG compressor for commercial
Biogas methane compressor
CNG Conversion System
CNG LPG conversion kit
CNG storage cylinder type I II
DMC Compressor Building

Shanghai Davey Machinery Co. Ltd. (DMC) is based in Shanghai, China, which is a leading manufacturer in air compressor industry more than 10 years. We provide high quality products to our customers at the best price. Our valued customers are all over the world, including USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentine, Ecuador, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Finland, Poland, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand, etc.

We have full line product series: PACK (5.5-15KW compact designed ); Pack-TA (3 in 1 compressor with air dryer and air receiving tank); PACK-D/T(5.5-15KW with air dryer or tank); Stationary Compressor SC Series (18.5-250KW with large power); and Frequency conversion compressor SC-V Series(22-250KW variable speed ).

DMC has been making high quality compressor since 2000. The main component - air end is from Italy advanced technology, which is made with rotor in 5/6 lobe profile. This feature provides excellent performance, high efficiency, and high volume air flow.

DMC continues working on energy save and environment protected products for our clients.

Our mission is to offer you reliable high quality products with competitive price.

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